Linda O.“Weekly Workouts: NIA plus Cardio & Strength”


Linda O. joined the ZOO in mid-January through her Silver Sneakers insurance plan and has been getting the most of the ZOO classes and equipment.  Linda comes into the ZOO three times a week, doing NIA on Tuesday mornings and then 1.5-hour Cardio & Strength workouts on Thursdays and Saturdays.  Her workouts include 30-minutes on the elliptical trainer and then 1 hour of free weights and some of the strength machines.

Linda well understands how muscle memory works against our best laid fitness plans, so she is shakes up her routine on a regular basis.

“Muscles form habits and habits hold on for dear life, so you have to trick them out!”

From time to time, Linda will take a week off from exercising to “shock the mind and body” before resuming a new workout.

Linda particularly enjoys the NIA class on Tuesday mornings.  “The music and energy of the class are great; it is incredibly freeing and therapeutic for the body and mind to move to the rhythms of music.”  Linda has been a dancer all her life.  From age 6, she was involved in a variety of dance forms, tap, jazz, modern dance, ballroom dancing, and Latin dancing.  Linda continued dancing through high school and college.  In high school, at a time when schools did not allow girls into the weight room, Linda and her female dance troupe petitioned the school for girls to have access to the weight room because they knew how necessary strength training was to improving their dance skills.  The young women won the petition and girls were given access to weight rooms across the entire school district!  These days, Linda attends Canyon Ranch each year for a week of dance led by choreographers from New York and Los Angeles.

Linda is a retired ER/Trauma nurse and has always enjoyed dancing for leisure and health.

“Dancing is a really great de-stressor … and is great for lowering blood pressure.  You don’t need to be jumping up and down to distress, dancing is a gentler way for the mind and body to accomplish the same goals.”

Linda is particularly intrigued by and aware of the mind-body connection and how the two are always working in unison even if we are not aware of it.

What are Linda’s fitness goals today?

“Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility!”

After her cardio/strength workouts, she does 15-20 minutes of stretching, a much understood lesson from her dance training.  Her second fitness goal is balance.  To the many of us who are embarking on or resuming our fitness journey,  Linda suggests   “Choose one thing that you enjoy doing, and never give up”