Kathy M. A wake-up call to take action … and a 6-week Makeover!


The moment that Kathy M. looked down and saw 198 lbs on the scale at the doctor’s office, it catapulted her to action!  A 3-year breast cancer survivor, Kathy’s weight had ballooned from the medication she was taking, in combination with menopausal hormone and metabolism changes.  What did she do next?  Kathy M. went online and discovered The ZOO’s “6-Week Makeover” … then walked right in the door and signed up for the program with Personal Trainer Eileen.  This is Kathy M’s story!

Have you ever exercised before?

Yes, I’ve always been an exerciser, doing weight and elliptical training on my own at home.  But this time, nothing was happening.  I kept saying to myself “if I dedicate myself, I can do it!” but the weight kept coming.  I had belonged to a gym in prior years and had a trainer and saw results but life took over and I soon gave it up. So this time, I figured it would be good to go back to what worked in the past.

Why did you join The ZOO?

I would often drive by The ZOO and then I received a flyer in the mail.  I do like the fact that it is smaller and more community-oriented. I stopped in one day and took a tour and really liked the facility.

How does the 6-Week Makeover work?

The first week I had one session with Eileen.  We talked about what I wanted to achieve, took measurements, and put a plan in place.  She writes everything down so I can do the workouts on my own.

In the second and third weeks, I worked out with Eileen twice a week doing weight & strength training, and then on my own once a week.  I also have been doing cardio at home, 5 days a week.

Weeks 4-6 I kept up the program, training 2 times a week and I even tried one of Eileen’s early morning classes.  Even if I couldn’t do everything in the class, I got a great workout!  Just kept plugging away and saw some results in weight loss and inches lost.

What else do you do to support your fitness journey?

Well, I now stay away from carbs, like white flour, no pasta, no bread.  I have traditionally craved sugar in the form of a chocolate snack at 3 pm every day, but I have replaced that with exercise.  I drink LOTS more water and I track everything – how much I eat, drink, and exercise, every day.

How is it going?

Eileen is really good at pushing me.  I started working on small, attainable goals … drop 5 lbs  then 10 lbs … The weight does not drop off as fast as you would like but I don’t give up.

I feel very good and it’s really helping my golf game … I’m a stronger better golfer now … and it’s only been a short time doing this!  I have a wonderful family support system — that really helps me stay motivated.

I recently went on vacation that included lots of walking and I even got a workout in the hotel’s gym with my daughter and friends.  I just tried to watch what I ate and I was able to keep the weight off that I had lost.  I didn’t lose any more weight on vacation but at least I didn’t gain any back.

What are your next fitness goals:

I am still continuing to work with Eileen to continue my weight loss and exercise program.  I am trying to make it to her class two days a week, train at least once a week and then more cardio on the other days.  I just don’t want to give up even if the weight isn’t coming off as fast as I would like it.  I have a busy life (who doesn’t?!) but I am fitting exercise into my regular routine.

What advice would you give to others?

Throughout all of the pain of changing habits, there will be a huge benefit in the end … you can bank on it!  You may feel like you have a big hill to climb but you will feel so much better once you do it.  You can do it!!  Just take that first step!!

Thanks Kathy!!