Katee L. “Working out is a gift to myself.”


Katee L. works at the Dollar Tree here at the Hillsboro Market Center who started her gift of fitness here at the ZOO.  She wants to be healthier for herself and her son and has found she has more energy and feels good about herself especially on the days she works out.  Learn how she accomplished her goal of toning up and losing weight.  Here is Katee’s story:

When did you join The ZOO?

I joined the ZOO before it opened on October 12, 2013. Having a neighborhood gym with brand new equipment was very intriguing to me and the presale prices were very tempting, so I joined just by looking at the plans of what the gym was going to look like.  I was excited when it finally opened on November 19, 2012 and have been a happy member ever since.

What is your exercise routine?

Coming to the gym 3 times a week works great for me.  I spend 50 minutes on the AMT listening to a Power Workout Channel on Pandora.  I like the AMT because it is fun to do and I can really rock it out!!  I use the strength equipment for weight lifting and occasionally workout in the free weight area.  PRECOR equipment is easy to follow and very user-friendly.

What are your fitness goals:

My goal was to tone up and lose some weight.  So far I have lost 7 inches overall and lost 5 pounds.  I’d like to lose another 10-15 pounds and I am hoping changing up my routine will help me reach that goal.

What else do you do to support your fitness journey?

Diet is very important so I bring my lunch to work (although sometimes I just have to go to MacDonald’s).  My husband is a hunter and the cook in the family so our nutrition is based on deer, elk and chicken.   We have a 10 year old son who we walk, hike and hunt with.  My husband gave me a Group Class Ticket and now I am having so much fun going to the Belly Dance class on Wednesday evenings.  It is a great workout including stretching and core work!  The daily Facebook posts are informative and keep me motivated, so thank you to the ZOO Crew for doing 4 posts a day!

What advice would you give to others?

Fitness and health is a gift you can give to yourself.  It just takes a little commitment and motivation.  I have made exercise a part of my lifestyle just like going to the movies, hunting or having dinner with friends.  I remember a quote I saw on the ZOO Facebook: “when you’re ready to quit; remember why you started.”

Thanks Katee!!