Ian H. I’ve lost 35 pounds AND lowered my cholesterol!


Ian H. is very excited and pleased he has lost 35 pounds, lowered his cholesterol and avoided diabetic medication!  He recently visited his doctor, and she was amazed at the transformation asking him what has changed in his life.  Here is Ian’s story:

When did you join The ZOO?

I joined the ZOO on May 29, 2013.  Location, size and environment were important to the goals I set out for myself and having a neighborhood gym was the perfect fit.

What is your exercise routine?

My routine consists of coming to the gym 2-3 times each week, usually in the morning.  I use the cardio equipment for 30-45 minutes each time.  I have been doing a little weight lifting but have focused most of the time with cardio conditioning.

What are your fitness goals:

Starting goal was to get down to 160 pounds from 197, which I reached that goal on November 20th.  I was determined to lower my cholesterol without medication and have gone from 260 to just under 200, my doctor is very pleased!  Now that I have reached my targeted weight, my new plan is to incorporate toning and strengthening using the strength and free weight equipment.

What else do you do to support your fitness journey?

What and when I eat has played an important role in my weight loss.  I read somewhere to eat during an 8-hour period each day, so my meals and snacks are from 8am-5pm.  I do not have anything to eat after 5pm.  My wife joined me and lost 10 pounds without any exercise.

What advice would you give to others?

Set your goal and be consistent.  Commit to setting aside time and make exercise and healthy eating part of your daily routine.  There have been times for me where I just didn’t want to come to the gym but I thought of my goals and commitment and that motivates me to get moving.  I love candy, but my commitment is stronger than my craving for sweets (sometimes)! If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up over it, just start again tomorrow.  Don’t give up!!


Thanks Ian!!